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A Simulation Exploring the Connection Between Games and Probability

Cheatum Swindle is running the Goodwin's game factory into the ground by producing unfair games, and it's up to your students to use their arithmetic skills to save the company! Students work in pairs performing hands-on experiments with spinners, dice, coins and cards to test the probabilities of Cheatum's games. The flip of a coin or the roll of the die determines the moves they make as they advance through the factory, examining games for fairness. As they find problems, they make modifications and record reasons for their decisions. In the final push to save the company's reputation, student pairs design their own games and present them with an explanation of their fairness. A flexible structure allows for lengthening or shortening the time required. Reproducible student materials are included in teacher's guide. Grades 3–7. Interact.

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Common Core correlations, Grades 3–5

Common Core correlations, Grades 6–7Interact1 92954 83487

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